With twenty years of experience helping institutions find the most qualified candidates for upper level positions, William Spelman Executive Search has reviewed thousands of résumés and interviewed countless candidates. We’ve learned a great deal about how the job candidate—you—can best present yourself. By offering this guide to you, we’ll share our collective experience and help you put your best foot forward as an applicant for positions that seek your skills and experience.

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What You Can Expect From Our Guide.

In this guide are important questions for consideration, tips about how to best present your résumé in context of the job for which you’ve applied, interview tips, samples of an application letter and résumé, and much more.
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  • A Message from the President, William Spelman
  • How Will I Know When It’s Time To Move On?
    • Personal considerations
    • External factors
    • Stakeholders
  • Preparing Materials for A Job Search
    • Develop a professional statement
    • Assess your qualifications
    • The importance of studying position announcements
    • Prepare your résumé
    • Select and prepare those who will serve as references or nominators
    • Prepare your letters of application
  • Telephone and Face to Face Interviews
    • The telephone interview
    • The face to face, off-site interview
    • The face to face, on-campus interview
  • Parting Thoughts and Good Wishes
  • Appendices
    • Sample résumé
    • Résumé work sheet
    • Assessment of qualifications
    • Résumé assessment: personal preferences
    • Sample letter of application

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